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The Centre for Agroecology And Pollination Studies (CPS) has been established at the University of Calcutta through a Darwin Initiative project of the British Government Department for Food and Rural Affairs (DEFRA). The Department of Science & Technology, Govt. of India has provided co-lateral funds to support it. The Centre is a collaborative initiative between the University of Calcutta and the Game & Wildlife Conservation Trust (UK). The University of Exeter (UK) is an associate.

The focal research program at CPS is ‘Enhancing relationship between people and pollinators in Eastern India’. The aim of the project is to improve national and local understanding of the status of native pollinators, their ecology and their management for the benefit of local farming communities and the protection of the agro-ecosystem.

The impact of habitat loss and chemical intensive farming on pollinator populations and crop yield is also being assessed.

Creating awareness about the importance pollinators in agro-ecosystems is another major activity at CPS.

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