Making Students aware

Making Students aware

Centre for Pollination Studies (CPS) has been generously funded by Darwin Initiative Grant, U.K. CPS is not only actively involved with widespread pollinator research and spreading awareness among farmers but is also training students to be a part of this extensive study. Over the past year CPS has encouraged active student participation and has trained students in various techniques of pollination biology. Students pursuing or having just completed post – graduation have been given hands on training in field and at CPS established at University of Calcutta. The two immediate projects that student interns are working upon are:

(i)                 Pollination network of brinjal and associated wild crops; and

(ii)               Effect of pesticides on pollen germination and seed viability.

CPS is currently planning on numerous new student projects to encourage participation from under – graduate students as well as school students. We, at CPS, promote young minds contributing to the field of pollination biology immensely and hence this urge to channel their youthful energy into conservation and pollinator sustenance through apprenticeship. The fine dynamics that exists between plant and its pollinator can be further explored when students lend a hand in learning.

Parthib Basu

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